Thursday, 16 November 2017


Today is my stop on the Lay Me To Rest Blog Tour and I'm excited to be bringing you details of this gripping thriller!

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Some secrets never stay buried for long…

Devastated by the death of her husband, Annie Philips is shocked to discover she is pregnant with his unborn child. Hoping for a fresh start, she travels to a remote stone cottage in Anglesey, amidst the white-capped mountains of North Wales.
She settles in quickly, helped by her mysterious new neighbour, Peter. But everything changes when Annie discovers a small wooden box, inlaid with brass and mother-of-pearl. A box she was never supposed to find…
Annie soon realises that she isn’t alone in the cottage. And now she’s trapped. Can she escape the nightmare that she has awoken, or will the dark forces surrounding the house claim her life – and that of her baby?

A gripping thriller from E. A. Clark, perfect for fans of Kerri Wilkinson, Sarah Wray and Stella Duffy. You won’t be able to put it down!


E. A. Clark lives in the Midlands with her husband and son, plus a rather temperamental cat, a rabbit and a chinchilla. She has three (now grown-up) children and five grandchildren. She is particularly partial to Italian food, decent red wine (or any coloured wine come to that …) and cake – and has been known to over-indulge in each on occasions.
She has a penchant for visiting old graveyards and speculating on the demise of those entombed beneath. Whilst she has written short stories and poetry for many years, a lifelong fascination with all things paranormal has culminated in her first novel for adults, Lay Me to Rest. The setting is inspired by her love of Wales, owing to her father’s Celtic roots.
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Thursday, 9 November 2017

WILDE IN LOVE BY ELOISA JAMES Book Review & Blog Tour (Historical Romance)

Today is my stop on the Wilde in Love blog tour and I'm delighted to share my review with you all

(Wildes of Lindow Castle book 1)

Published 31 Oct 2017 by Piatkus

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The first book in Eloisa James’s dazzling new series set in the Georgian period glows with her trademark wit and sexy charm-and introduces a large, eccentric family. Things are about to get Wilde . .

Lord Alaric Wilde, son of the Duke of Lindow, is the most celebrated man in England, revered for his dangerous adventures and rakish good looks.

Arriving home from years abroad, he has no idea of his own celebrity until his boat is met by mobs of screaming ladies. Alaric escapes to his father's castle, but just as he grasps that he's not only famous but notorious, he encounters the very private, very witty, Miss Willa Ffynche.

Willa presents the façade of a serene young lady to the world. Her love of books and bawdy jokes is purely for the delight of her intimate friends. She wants nothing to do with a man whose private life is splashed over every newspaper.

Alaric has never met a woman he wanted for his own . . . until he meets Willa. He’s never lost a battle. But a spirited woman like Willa isn’t going to make it easy . . .

Miss Wilhelmina Everett Ffynche (otherwise known as Willa) is not your average high society lady who simpers and is only interested in needlework and suchlike ...... no, Willa is much more intelligent, funny, logical and adventuresome than that, and she most definitely has no intention of being conquered by the most famous explorer in the world .... Lord Alaric Wilde.

He's feted like some modern day film or pop star celebrity, women look adoringly on him, they rush to buy every new book he brings out, they buy prints depicting his brave adventures and flock to watch a hugely successful play, supposedly, depicting his life while Willa looks on in despair and cannot understand what they see in him.

Most of the story takes place at a house party at Lindow Castle thrown to celebrate the betrothal of Alaric's elder brother to one of Willa's friends, Diana, which seems to go on for weeks and weeks! The guests wander around, chatting, flirting, eating and drinking and occasionally walk out.

I loved the sparring between the two of them, Willa can give as good as she gets, and Alaric is everything she dislikes in a man - he doesn't have a private life, she thinks he's a menace to polite society and believes his books are all lies.

Lord Alaric was flirting with her because he was a man who had to win. He didn't understand that she was not - and never would be - a prize. She meant to choose her spouse after a thoughtful review, and no part of that review included being "won".

This is a light-hearted and entertaining read, very narrative driven, the two main characters are likeable and interesting, the story flowed easily and quickly and I look forward to the next in this series!

Meet the Author

A New York Times bestseller many times over, Eloisa James lives in New York City, where she is a Shakespeare professor (with an M.Phil. from Oxford). She is also the mother of two children and, in a particularly delicious irony for a romance writer, is married to a genuine Italian knight.

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Saturday, 4 November 2017


Today is my stop on The Little Village Christmas blog tour and I'm thrilled to be sharing an extract from the book


Publication Date:  2 Nov 2017 (Paperback)
Publisher:  Avon, Harper Collins
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Sue Moorcroft, #1 Kindle bestseller is back, with a Christmas novel that promises to warm your heart this festive season.

Alexia Kennedy has lived in the little village of Middledip all her life – and now it’s time for her to give something back. As an interior decorator, she’s been tasked with turning the village’s neglected Victorian pub into a community café that everyone can use.

After months of fundraising by all the villagers, Alexia can’t wait to get going – but disaster strikes when every last penny is stolen. With Middledip up in arms at how she could have let this happen, Alexia feels ready to admit defeat.

But help comes in the most unlikely form when woodsman, Ben Hardaker and his rescue owl Barney, arrive on the scene. Another lost soul who’s hit rock bottom, Ben and Alexia make an unlikely partnership. However, they soon realise that a little sprinkling of Christmas magic might just help to bring this village – and their lives – together again…

Settle down with a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine as you devour this irresistibly festive Christmas tale. The perfect read for fans of Carole Matthews and Trisha Ashley.


With a heavy heart she let herself through her front door, shucked off the red raincoat that usually made her feel cheery and, taking a deep breath, picked up her phone to call Elton.
He answered instantly. ‘About time, too! What’s going on with you? I absolutely stole a Streatham property at the auction today. It’s a small block of studio flats with shower rooms but they have their own balconies, Alexia . . . in Streatham! I’m my investor’s golden boy today because young professionals will lap them up.’
‘If the ceilings are high you might be able to put in mezzanine sleeping platforms to maximise the space,’ Alexia suggested automatically, before remembering she hadn’t called for a creative ideas storm. She sighed. ‘Actually, I’m calling with bad news.’
Instantly, Elton sobered. ‘What’s that?’
He became progressively quieter as Alexia explained.
‘So that’s about it,’ she wound down eventually. ‘We’ve worked through the aftermath with the police and the bank, which has got us precisely nowhere, so I can’t give you an idea of when or how I’m going to get the project underway. We’re still reeling from the shock.’
If she’d harboured any glimmer of hope that Elton would react with, ‘Oh, no! You poor guys. Don’t worry Alexia, make your portfolio as fantastic as you can and include The Angel as “work in progress” and I’ll present it to my investor now,’ she was destined for disappointment.
First came a pregnant silence. Then Elton swore viciously. ‘How the hell did you let this happen? I can’t present you to my investor applauding your outstanding project-management skills when you’ve just let a builder do you up like a kipper!’
Alexia’s leaden heart sank towards her boots. ‘But—’
Elton snapped, ‘Don’t ask whether we really have to tell her. Because yes, we sodding do. Otherwise I’d be putting my nuts on the chopping block. She expects scrupulous honesty.’
Instantly, Alexia felt her hackles rise. He was making it sound as if she’d been found out doing something awful and was looking to Elton to lie for her. ‘And you couldn’t just tell her honestly what’s happened and get her views on whether she wants to see my portfolio anyway?’
A pause. ‘She also expects me to act professionally.’
Alexia swallowed. ‘I see.’ A wave of anger almost stole her voice. ‘Disappointing.’
‘Not kidding. I thought I’d have you on board by New Year. We could all have made a lot of money, you know. If things had gone to plan.’
‘Being mistaken over someone’s support is unpleasant,’ Alexia said, through her teeth. She waited for Elton to get the irony and realise he ought to say something sympathetic or even apologetic. When all she got was further griping about Elton’s plans being ruined, she cut across him. ‘You’re going to be busy finding someone to take my place in the team so I won’t waste any more of your time.’ She ended the call, sick with disappointment and disillusion.


Award-winning author Sue Moorcroft writes contemporary women’s fiction with occasionally unexpected themes. She’s won a Readers’ Best Romantic Read Award, and been nominated for others, including a ‘RoNA’ (Romantic Novel Award). Sue’s a Katie Fforde Bursary Award winner, and a past vice chair of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and editor of its two anthologies. The daughter of two soldiers, Sue was born in Germany and went on to spend much of her childhood in Malta and Cyprus. She lives in Kettering.

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Thursday, 2 November 2017



Published by HQ 2 November 2017

Christmas morning, 1969.

All eleven-year-old Esme Munroe wants for Christmas is for her mother to be on one of her ‘good’ days – and, secretly, for a velvet riding hat. So when she finds an assortment of wet towels and dirty plates in her stocking, she’s just relieved Father Christmas remembered to stop at The Lodge this year.
But later that day Esme’s mother disappears in the heavy snow. Even more mysteriously, only the Earl of Culcairn seems to know where she might have gone. Torn between protecting her mother and uncovering the secrets tumbling out of Culcairn Castle’s ornate closets, Esme realises that life will never be the same again after the snow…
Susannah Constantine provides a rare glimpse into the secret lives of the scandalous upper classes. Perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and The Crown

Set in 1969 this is a story of how the rich people live, we like to believe they're happy because they can buy anything they want, but here in this tale of the upper classes we realise that they're not so different from us in many ways.

As Esme wakes up on Christmas morning she is so excited to have her presents but the one thing she would love to have is a mother who doesn't suffer from depressive episodes.  This is one of the main themes throughout the story, Diana is kind and thoughtful when she is 'normal' but is unpredictable when feeling 'not herself'.  

I was around Esme's age in 1969 so it was nice to be able to identify with her a little, though I didn't have a pony of my own or be invited up to the Castle to celebrate Christmas!  But she does love her mother very much and is anxious to please her, she also doesn't quite understand what's wrong with her.

The secrets alluded to on the cover were not difficult to guess early on, though there were one or two surprises later on.

The writing was very simple, easy to read and very descriptive.  But I did find it quite dull in places and I only kept reading in the hope that it would get more interesting but, unfortunately, it didn't.

If you disagree or hate fox hunting then this may not be the book for you.  I found it quite disturbing that two eleven year old girls went on the fox hunts and the pheasant shoots.

I also found it hard to believe that the man in charge of the stables could talk so harshly to the young girls, swearing and shouting at them, even when their parents were around.  That would never have happened on Downton Abbey!

I liked Esme and her best friend Lexi, they were so lovely and unspoilt, really good characters.

Overall, it was an okay story, but I don't think I'll read another by this author.

I received an ecopy of this book from Net Galley.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017



London Noir
Memory loss, nightmares, the urge to kill – Sophie has it all.
Is it really Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Or something more sinister? Kal is about to find out…

After a near-fatal road accident, Kal helps Sophie, a young girl in trouble.

The girl’s friends are being murdered one by one. Why? And who by?
Kal must kick start herself out of her downward spiral to save the young stranger.
But Kal is in the grip of the London Cartel, and is someone after the girl, or is the girl after someone?
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London Noir is free on Amazon from today - but only for 48 hours - so get it now!


Ann Girdharry is a British crime suspense thriller author.
A trained psychotherapist, she worked for many years as a manager in the not-for-profit sector, for agencies working with carers, vulnerable older people, survivors of abuse, and victims of racial attacks.
She currently lives in Montpellier, France with her husband and two children.
Her debut novel, GOOD GIRL BAD GIRL, is an ERIC HOFFER BOOK AWARD Finalist 2017.
Her second crime suspense thriller, LONDON NOIR, will be published October 2017.
She is also author of Chilling Tales of the Unexpected Short Reads.
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Audiobook published by Pan MacMillan
August 2015

Read by
Emma Fielding

Rachel Teller and her husband, David, appear happy, prosperous and fulfilled. The big house, the successful business... They have everything. However, control, not love, fuels their relationship, and David has no idea his wife indulges in drunken indiscretions.
When Rachel kills a man in a hit-and-run, the meticulously maintained veneer over their life begins to crack. Destroying all evidence of the accident, David insists they continue as normal. Rachel, though, is racked with guilt, and as her behaviour becomes increasingly self-destructive, she not only inflames David's darker side but also uncovers her own long-suppressed memories of shame.
Can Rachel confront her past and atone for her terrible crime? Not if her husband has anything to do with it....

The Liar's Chair is one of the best audiobooks I've ever listened to .... which is all due to the amazing and breathless reading of Emma Fielding.

She manages to convey so much passion and anticipation in her words.

Although the storyline isn't particularly gripping, I was hanging on to every word.

The husband of Rachel is a nasty person, he's manipulative, a control freak and a bully and Rachel comes across as so compliant and under his control.  I was shouting to her telling her to stand up for herself but she thinks it's love, not fear.

As their marriage disintegrates, Rachel does such strange things, I couldn't understand why she did what she did, maybe her childhood and her awful mother were to blame, as we find out in flashbacks.

It is quite a dark story in parts, especially the time when Rachel's husband punishes her in a nasty way for staying out all night.

If I had read this instead of listening to it I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much.  

I can't praise Emma Fielding's narration highly enough.

I received a paperpack copy of this book from the publishers though I downloaded this audiobook from my local library.

Friday, 20 October 2017


I'm thrilled to be sharing this cover reveal today for Heart Note by Cassandra O'Leary!  I love it!

Love is like a fine perfume. The top note draws you in, an instant attraction, but the Heart Note is the true essence. Like true love. A great perfume should be a woman’s perfect match.

At least, that’s what Lily Lucas tells the perfume counter customers. Personally, Lily is tired of perfumes with a sickly sweet top note that make her dizzy. She definitely does not want to stick her nose in another scent with a base note of stinky old socks. 

After leaving her home in Sydney, Lily moves to Melbourne and a new job as a perfume counter manager in a major department store. One day she wants to own a Parisian-style perfumerie, but at the moment she’s spritzing perfume on unsuspecting customers and ringing up purchases until she falls off her high heels at the end of a long day. 

The high point of Lily’s work life is Christos Cyriakos, the ex-cop senior security guard, who happens to look like a Greek god. She’d happily stare at him all day, but keeps falling at his feet like a klutz. It’s kind of embarrassing. No other man has ever had this effect on her. He smells so good up close, she gets a little woozy. But in a good way.

Rumours about Christos swirl around the department store staff. There’s a scent of scandal. The reason he quit the police force wasn’t a happy one. But he’s the strong, silent type. A mystery box. Lily hopes she can get close enough to unwrap him. When he asks for her help, it seems like the perfect opportunity to get to know him better…if she can trust him.
It’s almost Christmas and the whole store is bedecked with decorations, and Lily has to gift wrap and sell eleventy billion gift sets assisted by a team of glamorous spritzer chicks. Meanwhile sneaky guys are trying to get into the store room at night and stock is going missing. It could be an inside job. Lily helps Christos setup a sting. They are a team, sort of. But why won’t he confide in her?

She’d like to be kissed by Christos (and more) preferably not while wearing the hideous red velvet onesie and reindeer antlers all the spritzer chicks are supposed to wear. But can they solve a crime, and get it together to go on an actual date before Christmas?

Publication date – 6th November 2017


**Winner of the We Heart New Talent contest, HarperCollins UK. Nominated for BEST NEW AUTHOR in the 2016 AusRom Today Reader's Choice Awards for excellence in Australian romance fiction.**

Cassandra O’Leary is a romance and women’s fiction author, communications specialist, avid reader, film and TV fangirl and admirer of pretty, shiny things. 

In 2015, Cassandra won the We Heart New Talent contest run by Avon Books/HarperCollins UK. Her debut romantic comedy novel, Girl on a Plane, was published in July 2016. Cassandra was also a 2015 finalist in the Lone Star writing contest, Northwest Houston Romance Writers of America, and a 2014 finalist in the First Kiss contest, Romance Writers of Australia.

Cassandra is a mother of two gorgeous, high-energy mini ninjas and wife to a spunky superhero. Living in Melbourne, Australia, she’s also travelled the world. If you want to send her to Italy or Spain on any food or wine tasting ‘research’ trips, that would be splendiferous. You’ll find Cassandra online, drinking coffee and possibly buying shoes. Oh, yes. And writing.

Social Media Links
Twitter – @cass_oleary


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